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HyperTrack adds to last mile logistics software tools

HyperTrack adds to last mile logistics software tools

Last mile logistics software provider HyperTrack today released new features for its software platform, saying the expansion provides additional capabilities for end-to-end order fulfillment.

The San Francisco-based firm offers application programming interfaces (APIs) that unite data from sources including on-demand labor, field work, and delivery processes. Its new “logistics map” now provides granular insight into the entire order fulfillment process, while enhancements to its “Orders API” and driver app software development kit (SDK) power a more advanced last mile technology stack, the company said. 

HyperTrack’s customers include companies trying to build out their own last-mile operations, who can choose from among its no-code, low-code, or heavy-code options to customize certain legs of their workflow and use out-of-the-box options for other legs, according to Ram Kakkad, HyperTrack’s VP of Product.

That flexibility is a crucial tool for companies trying to get tighter control over the last-mile process, which can account for more than 50% of the cost of fulfillment but is typically a disorganized process for most shippers, Kakkad said.

Following that approach, users can plug into HyperTrack’s order management and orchestration platform, including route planning and optimization, fleet scheduling, and dynamic planning. In return, the system provides information such as service time agreements, the chances of connectivity outages, and the availability of parking near delivery addresses. The tools also give drivers more visibility over their current and future loads, which is an important tool for keeping temporary employees and gig-economy delivery workers coming back for more assignments, Kakkad said.


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