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Deloitte teams with NVIDIA on artificial intelligence platform for logistics and retail

Consulting firm Deloitte today launched a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for logistics and retail businesses, saying they can help users to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and launch businesses in new markets.

Deloitte’s new Quartz AI package includes two new, cross-industry AI service offerings, both built on the NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms from California chip-maker NVIDIA. The two companies collaborate by applying NVIDIA’s powerful video gaming chips, known as graphics processing units (GPUs) to Deloitte’s business goal to transform the world of data processing, analytics, and AI. 

Quartz AI includes Deloitte Compass AI for route optimization in logistics and Deloitte Frontline AI for customer service at retail, quick-service restaurants.

According to the partners, Compass AI enables dynamic fleet routing and dispatch optimization, enabling faster delivery, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Through rapid data processing and simulating scenarios economically, clients can see tangible fleet and routing optimization not overnight, but in a matter of seconds, Deloitte says.

And Frontline AI provides a virtual customer care representative, able to intelligently converse in any language and provide an effortless, humanized experience that increases customer loyalty. Deloitte calls the product a “human engagement mechanism” that uses visual conversational capabilities to streamline, measure, and address customer feedback.



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