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Amplify your order picking and AS/RS systems with robotic automation

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 2:00PM

Roberto Michel, Senior Editor, Modern Materials Handling

Noah Maynard, Principal Solutions Architect, Berkshire Grey

Peter Allen, Vice President and General Manager, Grocery and Convenience, Berkshire Grey

Discrete order picking of peaches is a labor-intensive process with limited throughput and capacity. Automated storage and retrieval systems can be costly and hard to derive immediate value from. 

Industries like retail, eCommerce, and grocery must manage complex supply chain operations involving storage, picking, packing, sorting, and order consolidation that drives operating costs up while labor shortages continue to be a burden.

In this webinar, we will discuss how robotic automation can drive intrinsic value to your supply chain by amplifying operational efficiencies that deliver faster and higher throughput, increase capacity, and reduce labor.

Learn about:

  • How you can amplify the impact of your storage systems while keeping costs down
  • How breakpack store replenishment and eCommerce order fulfillment operations can be streamlined with robotic automation
  • How robotic automation can transform your supply chain into your biggest competitive advantage
  • How selecting the right partner for your business can deliver the benefits of robotic automation

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